G20 protesters march through Brisbane

As the leaders of the G20 countries met behind the Brisbane barricades, thousands of demonstrators marched through the sweltering and otherwise virtually deserted streets.

Chanting “Genocidal 20”, the protesters walked from Roma Street to Musgrave Park and called for action on a host of issues ranging from Aboriginal rights to climate change.

Australia is in the grip of an environmental crisis and even the Great Barrier Reef is under threat. Demonstrators called for an end to coal and gas industry expansion and highlighted the political and business corruption that is rampant in the country.

Protesters from other countries, including Mexico, Ethiopia, Ukraine, and Syria, joined the march.

Aboriginal elders led a spiritual ceremony before the march began. A very convincing fake Tony Abbott brought a touch of humour to events and was photographed shaking hands with one of the Aboriginal marchers.

Brisbane is in lock-down. Long-time anti-war protester Ciaron O’Reilly is just one of about 20 people banned from entering the G20 “red zone”, which covers most of the inner city. Some 6,000 police are on duty.

Click on ‘G20 People’s March’ in the Photo Gallery for a pictorial round-up of the protests in Brisbane today.



Brisbane security zone

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The G20 Security Bill includes a lengthy list of prohibited items.

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