Video stories

Do you have a story to tell, a performance to publicize, an event to immortalize?

Videoing an event can be hard work. You can end up with hundreds of unedited images that you haven’t time to deal with. My journalistic skills mean I can produce a package that really tells the story of the day or the event.

You can contact me via my contact form or Facebook page:


For a  video of 4 to 5 minutes – 200 euro for video production, plus 30 euro an hour for time spent at your event and any travelling time, plus travel expenses.

My videos

Risking life and limb diving for sea cucumbers

Global Frackdown Day in the south of France

Océanides Réceptif travel company

Protests against shale gas fracking

Snapshots of cultural events in the village of Saint Jean du Gard in the Cévennes in France