I’m tired of borders and security checks;
tired of scans,
and fingerprints,
and endless observation of my movements.

Tired of warrior states causing fear, and pretending, then,
that they are protecting us.

Tired of money ruling this world;
of Monsanto destroying the very food that
should sustain us,
but is instead poisoning us and our environment.

Tired of the slashing and the burning,
the traffic jams and pollution,
the non-stop industrial development.

This is a beautiful world, with precious resources.

I sometimes don’t know how to keep myself from falling
into a deep, black hole; the challenge seems so great.

But, I will.
Step by single step, I’ll move forward.

I have the voice that other don’t.
I owe it to them to shout from the rooftops,
and scream from the depth of my soul.

Stop the violence now.

Stop the destruction now.

Stop the racism, and the selfishness, and the hate.

Stop the petty squabbles, the materialism,
and the devotion to things that simply do not matter.

We can build a better world.

Let’s start now, today, this minute, this second.

Time is running out.