A DJ for all ages

Looking for a DJ who can get everyone on the dance floor?

My approach is to play as diverse a selection of music as possible: old favourites, reggae, soul, funk, salsa, rock, pop, and new mixes. You name it, I probably have it in my collection, or know where to get it.

Whether you’re getting married, having a birthday party, or just want someone else to handle the music for a gathering, I can create a fun atmosphere and keep the energy flowing. Say you love Northern Soul, and your husband-to-be adores Status Quo, I’ll mix ‘n’ match so both have a great time. Whatever the age or music tastes of your guests, I’ll get them dancing.

I’m not a DJ who wants to create lots of new mixes; there is already a wealth of wonderful music in the world and I’m happy to tap into that, and play a blend of music that suits my audience, and the mood, while introducing people to some lesser-known gems as well. I have truly eclectic tastes myself and have thousands of tracks in my collection that cover a wealth of styles and rhythms. My aim is to get people on the dance floor, play plenty of their favourites, and give them a taste of music they may not have heard before.

Music sample

You can contact me via my contact form or message me on my Facebook page:

And, if you are getting married, take a look at this website: Wedding favours