I’m a writer, editor, video and radio reporter, translator, reiki teacher, and occasional DJ – and I’m a nomad.

It can be challenging being “location independent” in a world where people are expected to have a permanent residence, but it’s a great, and increasingly popular, way to live. I am bringing a new, positive meaning to the phrase “of no fixed abode”.

While most of my articles have a very serious focus, I want also to convey what fun travelling is, what enjoyment there is to be had when we visit other countries; when we step outside of our comfort zones and meet people very different to ourselves. I convey this very much through my photos.

I am travelling all the time now, mostly in Southeast Asia, and am going as often as I can to Australia. A glance at my news blog will show that I am a dedicated campaigner on behalf of the beleaguered koala – the animal that is meant to be Australia’s national icon, but is already extinct in parts of the country.

The deforestation caused by palm oil cultivation is another of my main concerns, as are fracking (blasting the earth apart to extract shale gas), and the aberrations of corporations like Monsanto.

While focusing on such threats to us and our environment, I am also eager to pass on my own and others’ knowledge about healing and well-being; about positive change in general. While we need to be constantly vigilant, and are facing massive, urgent challenges, we need to chart a way forward.

So many media organisations feed us an endless diet of negativity. Awful violence exists in our world, and there are places where its ravages are unbearable, but, if we want to create a truly peaceful, healthy environment, we must challenge pessimism and fear, and refuse to give voice to those who preach bigotry and division. We need to give serious and concrete support to those who are working for positive change.

What we nourish flourishes, so let’s encourage partnership, growth, sustainability, and creativity. Let’s care more about nature, animals, social justice, equality, and real well-being and forego all the current obsessions that are being forced down people’s throats. The newest iphone, celebrity lifestyles, and reality TV: they are all distractions from the things that really matter.

So much of today’s journalism is drama-driven; pumped-up stories that foster fear, envy, and greed. With another approach, we could be lifting people’s energy and consciousness, helping them to see a positive way forward. This doesn’t mean that we can’t talk about the negative things that are happening; that would be evasion. But we need to avoid scare-mongering and false targetting; the enemy is not always where it appears to be. We need to help find solutions.

As for the importance of saving and protecting our wildlife, I couldn’t put it any better than Australian author Bradley Trevor Greive, who made a plea for endangered species:

“And after they are gone, there will be silence. And there will be stillness. And there will be empty places. And nothing you can say will change this. Nothing you can do will bring them back.”

I am available for copywriting, editing, proofreading, reporting assignments, and translation (French to English). You can reach me using the Changing Times contact form, or message me on my new Facebook page, The Craft of Writing.

My favourite slogan: NO TREE; NO ME.

I was recently interviewed by Amy Scott from Nomadtopia Radio. I chatted with her about my life as a nomad, my work as a journalist, the issues I am passionate about, and much more. Click here to listen in.