Tomorrow is 11/11/2011. Many people believe that important energy portals around the world are set to open on that date. Some say the excitement around the date is misplaced.
Whatever tomorrow does actually bring, thousands of people around the globe will be meditating at particular times of the day and this will have an immediate and immense effect. Tomorrow will be an important moment to focus on intent.
Is 11/11/2011 a cosmic gateway? To what? To where? Will the veil between different worlds become more transparent? All this, remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that we are in the midst of massive change. We are shifting in every conceivable way. The earth is shifting, consciousnesses are shifting, and the world as we have known it in social, political, and economic terms is shifting.
The doom-masters tell us the apocalypse is nigh. Those who are working in, and with the light say the changes are positive, and that we are heading towards higher dimensions, where the vibration is one of love.
When there is change, there is often resistance, and the current times are not easy; they are challenging.
It’s not surprising to me that a major film coming out this week in France is Contagion, an action thriller centred on the threat posed by a deadly disease. It is troubling, but not surprising. Fear, panic, and disease keep people well and truly locked into the lower dimensions, and those who hold power in the current system have every interest in keeping people in as low a dimension as possible.
However, the pull towards the higher dimensions is a strong one; it is possible to create a world without famine, war, hatred, slavery, greed, and manipulation.
If we want a world that is healthy, just, and equitable, we can create it; the change begins with ourselves. It is no coincidence that many people are experiencing massive energy cleansings at this time.
As with any journey, the road to getting unstuck begins with one step; this can be one five-minute meditation, one kind gesture, or one act of generosity.
It seems to me that 11/11/11 is a pivotal moment in our transition towards a healthy, just, equitable society.
The “One minute for peace” group, which has some 8,000 members on Facebook, will be pausing for peace at 11:11 a.m. and 11:11 p.m. local time tomorrow. They say: When enough of us with shared intention gather in consciousness to activate our personal peace field we will activate the planetary peace field.
“When this planetary field is activated it will begin to steadily influence the consciousness (thoughts, choices, responses, reactions, and feelings) of leaders and decision-makers all over the world. Instead of reacting with anger, people will start to pause before acting.
“There will be a moment of consciousness, a moment where the light can get in and they make a choice in favour of peaceful collaboration rather than competition, compassion rather than conflict. A new collective consciousness will be born one new peaceful thought at a time. It will happen. The process has already begun.”
It has been pointed out by at least one numerologist that tomorrow’s date is not an authentic 11.11.11, as was 11/11/2009 (2+0+0+9=11). The date, however, is bringing large numbers of people together in group meditations. If it simply ushers in a more positive focus and greater compassion and understanding, then that is already a huge step forward.

One minute for peace

As regards the debate around what 2012 will bring, I would highly recommend the book “2012, Creating your own shift”, published by Shift Awareness Books.

Creating your own shift

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