French festival of forgotten fruits

A reminder that Saint Jean du Gard in the Cévennes hosts the annual event “Les Journées de l’Arbre,de la Plante et du Fruit” (otherwise known as the festival of forgotten fruits) on November 27 & 28. This year the theme is Palmiers, Dattiers & Cucurbitacées (Palm trees, dates and cucurbitaceae) and there will be date producers visiting from Algeria and Tunisia. On the Saturday evening, there’ll be short films and debate about biodiversity and the rights of agricultural producers. (There is also a debate about date production and equitable distribution on the Friday, November 26.) This a great winter event, with lots of wonderful things to eat and all kinds of fruits, seeds, vegetables, and other plants on sale. There’ll be diverse other stands (associations, artisans, etc.), plus musical entertainment. For more information, contact 04 66 85 32 18, or, or go to Dimanches verts

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