Five element acupuncture

Read about five element acupuncture in an article written by healer and author Debra Kaatz.


Retrieving harmony and balance

Five element acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, and Tibetan medicine traditionally clear energy including possession, then build up energy by the use of herbs and points or areas of points and finally build up spirit both through points or areas of points and prayers. What is called Traditional Chinese Medicine does not do these things but simply treats symptoms with points.

In five element acupuncture we have a very simple protocol. First we look to see if the person’s energy has been invaded by “ghostly” energy and clear this with seven points called the dragon points. We simply send in the dragons to chase out the demons. The person simply feels as if they are not quite themselves all the time. When we do these points, the person comes entirely back to themselves. The Tibetans do this with prayers and in ayurvedic medicine there are areas that are massaged.

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